Shop Policy – Bondage Couture

Shop Policy

Please remember that all of our products that we offer are handcrafted by yours truly. To avoid restocking fee, please make sure to provide/choose the most appropriate size that will fit you. If you are unsure, we are more than happy to discuss sizes.

If you must return the item because you simply do not like the quality of the product, please make sure to contact us/return the product within 2 days of receipt. The stamp on the returning package should be within 2 days of receipt date. The item must be returned in the same condition you receive it. ***Please do not wear the product overtime to avoid person to person contact. We would have to re-sell returned items*** Restocking Fee is 30% for regular designs, 50% for custom designs and non-refundable for designs with names/logos/quotes.

We typically ensure we both prevent the hassle of returning and remaking items due to wrong size by communicating with you to make sure you are providing the correct size. In the event that the product still doesn't fit you due to you providing the incorrect size, we will not be able to accept the return. We will however, be more than happy to offer you 10% off on a corrected item. In the event that you do receive the wrong size even after providing the correct size, we will replace the item with no charge to you.

Please make sure to provide us the exact sizes and do not give adjustments. We will do that for you. Unsure? No problem, don't be shy to ask us. We will help you as much as we can.

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